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Audit Center™ is a completely independent audit technology that brings transparency across your entire air and hotel spend.

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Auditing The Entire Corporate Travel Process

Airfare, Hotel and all major Travel Expenditures


The Corporate Solutions Group® and Hotel Solutions™ utilize our most recently developed and implemented cost savings process (implemented January 2017) for all air reservations.


Hotel Solutions™ processes and audits 1000’s of reservation a day. Our team identifies error rates on bookings and obtains the negotiated preferred hotel rates. 


In addition to extensive auditing and resulting reduction of hotel spend, Hotel Solutions™ performs a complete review, verification and subsequent dunning …

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Helping you identify the gaps in your entire AirFare and Hotel spend.

The Corporate Solutions Group® and Hotel Solutions™ utilize our most recently developed and implemented cost savings process (implemented January 2017) for all air reservations.

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Hotel Solutions™ processes and audits 1000’s of reservation a day. Our team identifies error rates on bookings and obtaining the negotiated preferred hotel rates that in a number of cases exceeded a 25% error factor. That same audit identifies several reasons that these rates are not achieved; including rates not loaded into the reservation system, rates not loaded correctly, or rates that were simply “dropped.” dropped.”
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Hotel Solutions™ has proprietary processes for dunning and subsequent recovery of unpaid commissions due. These addition processes resulted in added recoveries of up to 5+% more in commission collections.
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Audit Center now manages the complete process for your Corporate Hotel RFP Process, including Issue, Bid Responses, Analysis, Finalization and Award of your complete preferred hotel program; domestic and Internationally. This includes award and loading instructions to your chosen hotels.

Audit Center also performs your initial Rate Load Audit for the Corporation; and can also perform Rate Load audits on an ongoing basis through the period of award.
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We are the only Independent Oversight and Audit firm in the Industry.

If we do not identify and provide you savings – You don’t pay. Period!

Audit Center’s™ Independent Technology

Audit Center’s™ independent audit technology brings transparency to your entire hotel spend, providing you with a financial competitive advantage. We empower you with a full visibility audit across both in-program and fugitive bookings. Now companies can reduce their travel costs, mitigate inflation and rising hotel rates and eliminate costly booking errors…with no manual labor, and with full accountability.

Hotel Rate Load Audit

After the Preferred Hotel negotiations are processed and complete, Hotel Solutions™ will proceed to test and audit that all preferred rates, terms and conditions are loaded by the hotels into the Reservation Systems. We test for each specific hotel for rates, period of negotiated terms, exceptions, inclusions and benefits, such as parking, etc. We will test for several dates and conditions to make sure that the rates are in accordance to all your preferred requirements.

We also test throughout the negotiated period that the rates continue to be loaded, correct and have no omissions or changes. In our previous and past tests of this nature we find that a number of rates can be changed, modified or do not continue to be loaded. These conditions do not allow your travelers to obtain the preferred negotiated rats and terms; resulting in a direct cost to your company.

Air Carrier Compliance Audit

The Corporate Solutions Group® will continuously monitor and audit all airline reservations to oversee that all airline conditions and negotiated rates and terms are in compliance.
These actions will ensure that all airline rates, class of fare and “buckets” are utilized for the best results of the buyer. We will report on these activities throughout the term of the agreements with all airlines.

Travel Agency Contract Compliance Audit

Our audit and oversight processes allow us to evaluate how and if the travel agencies are performing to your corporate contractual and directed requirements and processes. These include the configuration of your traveler travel reservation process interactions from all suppliers, and their interface and presentations to your travelers. This audit can also include performance to airline agreements, specific hotel and chain hotel agreements, and other performance requirements.

Our processes deal with real, on-time travel data rather than post-travel reports that are provided, in many cases, months and months after travel is reserved or has taken place. Our real-time reporting enables you to make current and essential decisions to manage your resources and optimize your ROI.

Our Clients

Among the clients we have served

What Our Clients Say

 Among the clients we have served

Hotel Solutions was highly recommended to us as ‘best in class’…they have delivered. Kelle Casey-Ross

Director of Corporate Travel and Operations, Philips 66

With Hotel Solutions we were finally able to completely manage our hotel program.

Travel Procurement, BAE Systems

Hotel Solutions helps identify the gaps in the hotel booking process, clears up the unten- able to bring clarity to a very complex hotel program, resulting in a transparent booking and collection process oversight. Betty Sweetman

Travel Manager

About Audit Center™

The Corporate Solutions Group®, Hotel Solutions™ and Audit Center™ have been providing Corporations and the Corporate Buyer dedicated Independent Travel Industry expertise for decades. We have been, and are, the only Independent consultant and auditor for all facets of corporate travel.

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