Still wondering how important travel auditing is for your company?

2018 is on us again and most businesses are going through their financial reports for the year 2017, looking for ways to reduce all unnecessary expenses they had to make that year.

One part of corporate expense which is often in need of most pruning is AirFare and Hotel spend and according to a 2018 global travel forecast, the pricing for AirFare and Hotel accommodation is projected to rise by 3.6%. This is cause for concern seeing that PFC charges are astronomical and ancillary charges are already over $7 billion.

Despite this jarring reality, truth is, most businesses may not be able to manage their travel expenses, even among the big companies. The major reason for this is that most companies are either too occupied with other parts of their business operations or they aren’t aware of services of an Audit Professional or Audit Company to help them audit their travel expenses.

The Corporate Solutions Group and Audit Center are poised to help your company manage their travel expenses heading into the 2018 financial year. We are familiar with the various financial accounting policies and procedures and we bring all of this to bare when working on your books.

We not only manage the financial aspect of your corporate expense, we provide a complete package and employing our services may just be that edge you need to stay ahead of the competition in 2018.

If you are ready to start saving on your company’s corporate travel or should you have any questions please fill out the form on our contact page, call (775) 832-5151 or Email us.

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