Corporate Travel Auditing Maximizes Travel Savings

Travel expenses are considered as one of the largest controllable expenditures in a company. And in most business organizations, Internal Audit is done to Verify contractor activity and identify cost controls, and savings, as well as any fraud and misuse of funds.

But come to think of it, the process of Travel Audit is very complex and time consuming. Therefore, it should be handled by a qualified and independent audit firm like Audit Center™. They have the means to conduct proper Independent corporate travel auditing to maximize travel savings.

About Audit Center™

Audit Center™ is an independent oversight and auditing company that is dedicated to providing independent travel auditing for all air and hotel purchases for corporations. Their audit technology is proven and effective in bringing transparency across the entire travel spend, including air and hotel expenses.

Audit Center™ utilize their access to multiple reservation systems so they can receive all applicable air and hotel bookings for corporate travelers using self-booking tools as well as travel agencies.

Their company, along with The Corporate Solutions Group™ and Hotel Solutions™, have been providing corporations and corporate buyers independent travel industry expertise for over 10 years. Audit Center™ is the only independent consultant and auditor in the industry, world-wide, who provides proper corporate travel auditing services for corporate travel.

Who Is, And What Are The Services They Offer

Audit Center™ recognizes the importance of corporate travel and the need for relevant air and hotel accommodation. That’s why they exist to help your company to properly manage your travel budget.

Likewise, choosing the right airline, hotel, services, restaurants, and other spend is very crucial to a business trip. The following services are proven in savings and managing travel expenses.

1. FareCheck™

FareCheck™ is an independent corporate travel auditing system within Audit Center™ to oversee all of a company’s air reservations, instantly from the time of booking to the day of your employee’s departure. This tool works for you, the buyer, since it locates lower fares for the same flight without downgrading the class of service and the seat.

Once the data is collected, an email message is immediately sent to the travel team so they can make the necessary adjustments without causing any inconvenience to your traveler.

To be specific, here are some other things that FareCheck™ does to assist you as the buyer:
– It immediately identifies savings and sends alerts instantly (with GDS commands) so you can make the necessary changes.
– It ensures all your negotiated agreements from the airlines are properly identified and reconciled.
– It monitors all prices on both restricted and unrestricted ticket fares.
– It ensures the same carrier airline as well as the same cabin class and the same schedule of departure.
– Price checking is continuous (7/24/365) until the time of departure.
– Guaranteed immediate and proven results at all times.

2. RateGuard™

Audit Center™ processes and audits thousands of hotel reservations every day. And through the RateGuard™ technology, they can detect any error rates on preferred bookings and ensure that you obtain the negotiated hotel rate that you contracted for.

Moreover, through this same auditing process they are able to determine different reasons and exceptions as to why the proper rates were not achieved, such as including rates that are not loaded into the reservation system, and even rates that were not loaded correctly or simply “dropped”.

Furthermore, here are some of our essential independent hotel oversight and auditing techniques that are employed through this service:
– Access to thousands of hotel rates.
– Comparison of reservations using our unique proprietary set of criteria.
– Identification of all preferred hotel rates that are both achieved and not achieved.
– Monitoring of all rate malfunctions
– Change to a lower rate at the book hotel property
– And more…

Overall the proprietary tools and techniques they employ results in:
– Savings when the hotel rate drops to your negotiated price.
– Increased travel compliance.
– Allows the travel to switch from a non-compliant to a compliant hotel.

3. Commission Capture™

Audit Center™ performs a comprehensive review, verification, and subsequent dunning and capturing of all hotel commissions that is directly due to you, the corporation.
The company uses various proprietary processes such as:
– Quantification of all hotel spend.
– Associate commission identification using proprietary techniques for commissions due.
– Extensive reconciliation between the anticipated commissions expected and the monies paid by the hotel for all commissions.

4. Hotel RFP and Rate Load Auditing

Lastly, Audit Center™ manages the entire travel process, which include award and loading of instructions of the hotels you have chosen.

– They review all the necessary negotiable elements so you can formulate a focused RFP and create a program that is suitable for the needs of your corporate travelers.
– Audit Center™ works closely with you to ensure that the culture of your corporation is respected.
– Since their audit tools monitors in real time every day, Audit Center™ can review anything that may change within the period so they can provide workable solutions that can lead to additional hotel savings.

Why Choose Audit Center™?

Audit Center™ takes pride in being the ONLY independent oversight and corporate travel auditing company in the industry, world-wide. And through their years of experience and service, they have created a brand of service of Independent Travel Auditing for all air and hotel purchases for corporations that is unmatched.

Likewise, their proven track record working with both small and large companies…in the energy, automation, and IT industries (Siemens; HP; Phillips 66, just to name a few) is a clear indication of the kind of exceptional and proactive client service that they deliver.

As Kelle Casey-Ross, the Director of Corporate Travel and Operations of Philip 66 has said:
“Hotel Solutions (Audit Center™) was highly recommended to us as ‘best in class’… they have delivered.”

And the best thing about choosing Audit Center™ is your corporation will only pay the actual identified and found savings. Qualified and Quantified. They also ensure compliance to preferred hotel programs, including chain-wide and dynamic hotel pricing.

As Bob Langsfeld, CEO of Audit Center™ says “If we don’t identify and provide solutions that save you money, then you do not pay us. Period!”

Concerned about the increasing travel expenses of your employees? Let Audit Center™ do the hard work.

Call them today and try their proven brand of Independent Corporate Travel Auditing processes. They have no partnership or contractual agreements with any suppliers. That is crucial to Auditing any process. They only work for you, the buyer

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